The Pondera2 balance tracker is a computer program that links with the Nintendo Wii balance board to measure various aspects of balance.

Various measures of sway are recorded and compared to give the user feedback on the performance of their vestibule system, visual system and their proprioceptive system.

Let the Pondera2 program guide your training to ensure that you are always targeting the weakest system to maximize your performance


ProPoint Neck Trainer:

The ProPoint neck trainer uses a laser to provide biofeedback about both your neck position and how you move your head through space.

Studies have shown that joint position error (JPE) is a cause of ongoing neck pain, headaches and unsteadiness and can be helped with specific joint position exercises.

The ProPoint is an affordable Class1 medical device for healping treat neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, dizziness and whiplash

Information for Current Pondera Users

I am sending the new Pondera2 connection chips to current Pondera users. Please contact me if you have not been contacted for the upgrade.

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