Fun with Frenzel Lenses

Frenzel goggles are a diagnostic tool named after the German Physician Dr Frenzel used to aid the diagnosis of vestibular conditions. they function by removing a patients ability to fixate on a target preventing visual fixation hiding spontaneous nystagmus.

“Removal of visual fixation using Frenzel glasses is required for the proper evaluation of central as well as peripheral nystagmus”

I have been talking for a while about the benefits of taking a google cardboard v2 and modifying it to be useful as a frenzel device.  The problem with the google cardboard device is that it’s made of cardboard. Because of this, it is not overly comfortable, it’s difficult to clean and it’s easily breakable. For the price however it has been a remarkable device that is easily hackable into a pair of Frenzel goggles, and I have highly recommended it! Find the Google Cardboard v2 here

But! I recently found the perfect upgrade: introducing the Typo Mini Virtual Reality Headset.

It is cheaper at only AUD $14.99, made of soft plastic, looks more professional and easier to clean than the cardboard version ever was but best of all it is super easy to modify to be perfect as a pair of frenzel lenses.

The goggles can be found here and come in black, yellow, blue, pink and green

Below is a final picture of the goggles in use:

To convert the VR headset into the perfect frenzel goggles check out the pictures below – The phone holder part can just be pulled off!!!